Is it possible to find similarities? How is it done?

Similarities between genetic material from the portrait are manifested in existence of bands (black lines)
located on the same level within corresponding lanes.

What is the order of the lanes within the portrait?

Lanes reflect different individuals depending on the version chosen. For example, if you choose Family Pack
and there are four people on the portrait, lanes 1,5,9 would relate to one person.

What should I do if I confuse swabs and Forms of Consent with other family members?

Taking into consideration current procedures of collection and analysis of genetic material, it is important
to ensure that the record number on the swab corresponds to the record number of the form of consent. If
there is a mistake, you may attach a relevant statement to the return package, which will indicate which form
of consent matches given swab.
The potential statement may contain the following content:

“I received two sets for collecting genetic material. The first set contains a swab of record number 1234 and
a form of consent number 1234. The second set contains a 5678 swab and a form of consent number 5678.
As a result of mistaking the customer’s DNA X was taken with a swab of 1234 and the person filled the form
of consent number 5678. The same applies to the customer Y. “

The note prepared in this way should be signed and the date should be placed on it.

How to match the swab with form of consent?

The set for collecting saliva marked with the number which is shown both on the swab and form of consent.
If you ordered couple of sets and they accidentally got mixed, you can easily identify correct sets by looking
at the record numbers. It is important to ensure that record numbers are the same for each person.

How long will I wait for the portrait?

As soon as we receive the return package with your swab and form of consent it will take up to 2 weeks to
prepare the portrait. Please note that any data or signature missing on the form of consent may extend the
delivery time so make sure you filled it in properly.

What will happen to my DNA after the portrait is delivered?

Once the portrait is delivered, Your DNA will be disposed. This means that we do not pass your genetic
material for research, nor do we store it in our archive. Moreover, the results from analysis of your DNA
(genetic portrait) is also not stored. All electronic files related to your DNA will be deleted after the order is

Does collecting a child’s sample require consent from both parents?

In accordance with applicable regulations, legal guardians must give written consent for the collection of
genetic material from a minor.

In what format the portrait will be sent?

The print is a poster 61 x 91 cm. Additionally, we will send you via email the electronic version of the portrait.

How can I be sure that portrait presents my DNA?

Fulfilment of the order requires collection of your genetic material. Genetic Portrait in our offer is one of
the most personalized products available on the market. Having highest respect to You and putting emphasis
on company’s good name as well as following best practices and procedures from the market we make great
effort to ensure that each of our genetic portraits is one of a kind – as unique as everyone of us.

Is there a risk that collected saliva won’t work on a first try? What happens then?

Due to the incorrect collection of genetic material or its degradation during transport, it may not be possible
to make a genetic portrait. In this situation, it will be necessary to re-collect the genetic material. However,
please keep in mind that such situations do not happen very often and a one-off collection will be sufficient.

How to store the swab between collection and sending returning package?

The most important thing is to follow the information provided in the instruction when collecting genetic
material. Ideally, after collecting the saliva and filling in all documents (form of consent), everything should
be packed into a return envelope and sent to our address immediately by ordering pick-up from a courier.
While waiting for the courier, it is best to store the envelope with the content in a cool place (e.g. fridge).

Does collecting material from a pet require form of consent?

Such consent is not strictly required by law. However, keeping in mind the high standards we follow, we
have decided to document any analysis made on collected genetic material. Therefore, for Family&Pet Pack
we attach a short form about the pet to the initial package.

How many people can fit in one genetic portrait?

One genetic portrait is designed for a maximum of 4 people. If you choose a package with a pet, all
combinations of people and animals that add up to 4 are available. Please include in the comments
information on the number of people / animals to be visible in the portrait. This will allow us to prepare the
right number of packages to collect the genetic material.

What are lanes?

Lane is a popularized scientific term describing electrophoretic separation paths (DNA analysis method). To
put it simply – the lane is a fragment of a genetic portrait presenting the distribution of one sample of your
genetic material. On the portrait from Family Pack of four people, each person is represented in 3 lanes (or
paths). This means that the person ordering the package for the single will be shown in all (12) lanes.

What do bold fragments of columns mean?

The bold fragments of the columns are bands. These bands manifest a fragment of your genetic material.
This phenomenon is used, among others, in the analysis of kinship – with properly designed experiment, you
can find bold fragments (bands) identical for the mother and child, father and child, siblings, etc. These
stripes are the magic hidden in our product and what makes it so unique – fragments specific only for the

Is it possible to order a poster in colour? What colors are available?

At the moment an elegant black and white version is available. However, we plan to enable orders also in
coloured version in the near future – check our website or profiles on social media for updates

Can a genetic portrait be delivered to a different address than the initial shipment?

There is such a possibility, please include such information in the comments to the order (additional

Is it possible to issue a VAT invoice?

Yes, we issue VAT invoices based on the data provided in the order. If you want an invoice for other data
(e.g. companies), please provide the necessary information (company name, address and VAT number) in
the notes to the order.
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