Genetic Portraits

Check out how simple it is and what you can get!


The package will come in a smart, eco-friendly cardboard box. Inside you will find a #DNAkit and a prepaid return envelope.


DNAkit is a set prepared for You so that you know exactly what to do (Instructions) and with what (form of consent, swab).


Instructions are there to help you in the process of collecting your saliva. You will have a detailed information to guide you. In case of any additional questions or doubts you can always reach out to Us!


There is also some paperwork You need to fill in (Form of consent) and GDPR related legally required notifications we need to inform You about and You need to sign. We know it’s a lot of text, but we don’t make the rules. So stay a little bit patient and keep eyes on the prize (Your portrait is within reach)!


The swab is the tool necessary for the magic to happen. It is used (of course) for collecting Your saliva. By following the instructions and making sure the sample is not contaminated anyhow You allow us to create a brilliant, tailor-made and unique portrait of You. So help us and put the swab back in the tube as soon as you’ve finished the collection (also known as cheek rubbing) and try to ensure that the swab doesn’t touch anything on its way to the protective tube as well as the sides of the tube itself. Once collected don’t wait too long to send the sample back to us and in the meantime keep the swabs in the fridge.


Inside the Box you will also find a return envelope in which you should put the signed Form of consent and GDPR notification along with your saliva swab. The envelope will be pre-paid and address will be pre-filled. All you will need to do is order a courier at a time most convenient for You. As soon as we receive the package we get down to work on Your Genetic Portrait


Now here it is! Graphic presentation of You all ready to be put on your wall. We send it in a form of poster to allow You freedom to choose if and how you want to frame it. That way you can also make sure it matches the rest of the space. So let the inner interior designer run wild. Specs here again, the portrait will be 610 x 910 mm


The tube will transport the portrait safely to You. Once delivered You’ll know that only a tube cap is separating You from Your portrait. In case you are wondering about specs the tube will be 750x80mm. Feel free to re-use it to Your convenience!

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